Forest Schools: Great For Kids Whatever the Weather

Published: 12 Oct 2017

The team at TAZ (The Adventure Zone) know how important it is to stimulate young minds, which is why we developed our forest school, Little Squirrels, to join the selection of parent and toddler groups Richmond. Aside from being a great way to spend a few hours and meet new friends, just what exactly are the benefits to taking your toddler to forest schools? Read on to find out just a few:

There are many advantages to attending a forest school, and regular sessions can have long-term benefits for children of all ages.

Forest schools give children the chance to explore the world, discover new things, and let their imagination run wild; they learn, challenge themselves, and grow in a completely different way compared to other activities.

No matter the season, being outside and attending a forest school really fosters the connection between children and nature, which is especially lacking in youngsters thanks to an increasingly digital age, where young people spend more and more time looking at screens.

Forest schools can also help toddlers take their first steps when it comes to socialising; after all, they are interacting with children their own age in a low-pressure environment. Forest schools have even been known to help children who are shy or reluctant to communicate and come out of their shells!

On top of this, the personal growth aided by forest schools really nurtures youngsters’ independence, which can help with separation anxiety, and makes the move to full-time school easier and less traumatic for both parent and child.

Finally, there are numerous health benefits to forest schools, especially in the autumn and winter; this is the time when children struggle to get enough exercise and vitamin D - forest schools can help youngsters meet their quota for both, which is absolutely essential for healthy growth!

TAZ is dedicated to holding quality parent and toddler groups in Richmond led by fully qualified forest school professionals that can help toddlers to grow and realise their full potential. You can book your 18-month to 4-year-olds in for our Thursday or Friday Little Squirrels sessions by using our online form, or our team can be reached on 01372 378901 or if you have any further questions for us.