SEN and disability groups

At SOLD, we believe that outdoor experiences can and should benefit any and every person, regardless of physical, mental or psychological needs. From training, planning and delivery, to equipment and building new facilities, inclusion is always front of mind in every aspect of our work.

We believe that the benefit of learning, developing and enjoying oneself in the outdoors are for everyone, no matter their needs. This is especially true for young people for whom opportunities for personal development are vital.

Our instructors have extensive experience in working with young people with Special Educational Needs (SEN) and disabilities in groups with mixed needs and abilities.

Bespoke Outdoor Experiences Programmes

So, you have decided to get out into the outdoors! That's fantastic. The natural environment offers positive benefits for everyone and we believe that everyone should have access to those benefits no matter their needs.

We will work closely with you to create a bespoke outdoor experience programme that meets the needs of your group and, most importantly, that is engaging, developmental, exhilarating and lots of fun!

Learning outcomes

Defining the aim of your group's visit is very important. As their leader we work with you to specify their learning outcomes you wish them to achieve during their visit. These could include:

  • involvement
  • setting goals
  • broaden horizons
  • development
  • self awareness
  • confidence
  • coordination
  • fitness
  • communication
  • leadership

Learning Outcome Tree

Adaptive Capacity and Experience

We offer many different activities with adaptive capacity, thus enabling all visitors to participate and achieve their personal best. Our well-trained staff have extensive experience of working with groups with mixed needs and abilities. Take a look below at the adapted activities and facilities we have available for SEN young people and adults.

Further information about our inclusive activities for groups with additional needs can be downloaded here.