Summer holiday activities at High Ashurst

  • Young adventurers working as a team Young adventurers working as a team
  • Taking the leap of faith together Taking the leap of faith together
  • Archery - take aim Archery - take aim
  • Teamwork conquering the crate challenge Teamwork conquering the crate challenge
  • Climbing with encouragement Climbing with encouragement
  • Happy to reach the summit Happy to reach the summit
  • Lots of fun to be had with our team games Lots of fun to be had with our team games
  • Climbing high and conquering fears Climbing high
  • The view from above The view from above
  • Building trust Building trust

Summer holiday activities run from: July 23 - August 31 (excluding weekends)

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Monday – Everest Adventure

Take part in some fun, exciting and innovative team games. Use your new found team work skills to get around our challenging low ropes course; take to the giant see saw, walk the tight rope plank and use the wooden beam to swing to victory. Play low level bouldering games to prepare you for the climbing wall. Scale the heights of our climbing wall with your team supporting you from below and then abseil back down.

Tuesday – Vertical Adventure

Explore the grounds of High Ashurst by following treasure maps. Navigate the site and its surroundings by using team games, symbols and compasses. There may even be a chance to lead your own journey in the wild on the heath! Experience one of our high ropes courses; work together to build a tower of crates as tall as you can whilst balancing on top of it and then climb to the top of the Jacob's ladder by supporting your team mates.

Wednesday - Forest Adventure

Learn how to survive in the wilderness; collect wood and build a shelter, you may get to carve some wood and to practice lighting your own fire to toast marshmallows and other treats on. Complete one of our high ropes courses; walk up the incline log, onto the balance beam and swing through the trees reaching for the trapeze bar!

Thursday – Team Adventure

Hit a bullseye in our archery range! Learn how to use a bow and arrow and play fun games against your team mates to improve your skills. Put your talents into practice by exploring the woodland whilst hitting hidden targets. Take to the skies on one of our high ropes courses. Race to the top and support the rest of your team as they come to join you. As a team make the giant leap of faith and catch the triple trapeze bar together!

Friday – Mountain Adventure

Brush up on your bush craft skills and embrace the wild by creating eco art. This might include Weaving willow into crowns, carve tools, build mini dens, mould mud faces and go on a scavenger hunt! Feel the wind in your face as you explore High Ashurst by mountain bike. Practice your skills on two wheels and learn how to correctly; set up your bike, use your gears and brakes, position yourself on the bike and ride both up and down hill. If you're feeling confident our instructors may give you the chance to experience the thrill and freedom of mountain biking by riding off site on the heath.

Please note that activities are subject to change.

Extra: Overnight camp on Thursday night

Extend the fun with a two day, two centre overnight camp in a teepee! These camps run from Thursday to Friday each week during the summer holidays

TAZ explorers can book onto an overnight teepee camp with activities at High Ashurst for exhilarating outdoor fun as well as travelling across to Thames Young Mariners in Ham near Richmond for some awesome water activities too.

Parents pick up and drop off at High Ashurst and we transport the young people to Thames Young Mariners and then back to High Ashurst the next day.

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Early Activity Preparation and Extended Activity Day

  • We offer early activity preparation from 8.00am onwards for parents who would like their child/children to attend the Centre before the main arrival of other attendees at 9.15am. A member of SOLD staff will remain with your child/children in preparation for the day ahead and a breakfast of cereal, toast and spreads plus juice is included.
  • You can also extend the activity day with a late pick up at 5.30pm.

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Kit list

  • Appropriate clothing for the weather - jumper, trousers, long sleeved t-shirt
  • Old pair of trainers (flip-flops, crocs or open back/toe shoes are not suitable)
  • Warm coat
  • Waterproofs
  • Hat and gloves/sun cream and sun hat
  • Water bottle and packed lunch.